Surbhitam Moistglow Moisturising Lotion


Moist Glow Lotion, your go-to product for hydrated skin that glows. This top cream’s recipe is intended to deeply hydrate your skin and give it a healthy glow, leaving it feeling smooth, supple, and renewed. You will have a sufficient quantity of Moist Glow Lotion thanks to the practical 100 ml package, which enables you to reap its benefits for a longer period of time. All skin types can use Moist Glow Lotion, whether they are normal, dry, or sensitive.

Key ingredients: 

  • Vitamin E: Protects the skin from environmental stresses while nourishing it. It functions as a strong antioxidant, scavenging free radicals and increasing youth.
  • Sodium PCA: A component that helps the skin retain moisture naturally. The skin is properly hydrated and replenished, returning to its natural equilibrium and leaving it feeling smooth and renewed.
  • Aloe Vera: Reduces redness and inflammation while soothing and calming the skin. It is advantageous for dry or sensitive skin types because of its moisturizing and healing qualities. Aloe Vera supports a healthy and radiant complexion by adding an additional layer of moisture.


Directions to use:

  • Start with dry, clean skin. Cleanse your face gently, then pat the surface dry before putting on the lotion. Apply the lotion to your face and neck by moving it up and around gently. Till it is completely absorbed, massage it into the skin.
  • For best results, apply Moist Glow Lotion twice daily—in the morning and in the evening. Include it in your routine for everyday skincare.
  • Before using makeup or sunscreen, give the lotion time to seep into the skin.